Perfecting A Luscious Plum Colored Lid

Purple hues are universally flattering with any coloring and a deep, luscious plum is one of our favorites. If you’re ready to rock this royal hue, here’s a soft look we think you’ll love using two of the GlideLiner™ Long-Lasting Eye Pencils from Xtreme Lashes® and blending for an eyeshadow effect.

To recreate this look, you will need:

One of the best things about GlideLiner pencils is that they set quickly and stay, so in order to achieve this look you’ll need to work very fast, on one eye at a time.


  1. Sharpen your Plum and Graphite GlideLiner pencils
  2. Using the back of your hand as a palette, break off just the tip of each pencil on your hand
  3. With a firm, flat headed brush, blend the two colors together quickly and coat both sides of the brush
  4. Starting at the lash line, apply in an upwards motion to the lid of the eye, flipping the brush to use both sides of color
  5. Blend upward immediately with a rounded brush to soften and smudge the edges, using a circular motion
  6. Finish with a sweep of a pale plum or charcoal shadow just above the crease of the lid
  7. Repeat for second eye

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