Carmel Café & Wine Bar is a Feast for the Eyes...and the stomach!

Carmel Café and Wine Bar is a feast for the eyes.  A savory mix of fabulous flavors and romantic modern décor truly elevates this dining experience to one that satisfy’s on a sensory level that is truly indulgent!  Food can be amazing but when your surroundings are a bust, the diner is left with a void and a somewhat unmet need.  I love a dive restaurant with sinful eats just as much as the next foodie, but sometimes the palate craves more; the eyes yearn for something to assure that one’s stomach is full.  Carmel Café delivers on sensational small plates and an environment that will make you want to check in and ask for a two night stay over the weekend!  I am a huge fan of spreading out and lounging in leather chairs while munching on Chickpea fries, Seared Ahi Tuna with Edamame Hummas, and Lamb lollipops.  Carmel Café offers varied seating in its ‘bungalow’ feel venue.  There’s a wonderful mix of class and contemporary with deep cherry woods lining the walls, chairs, and tables.  The handsome lounge feel is dripping with deeps reds, yellows, and blues and tapestries separating multiple spots.  Architect, Albert Alfonso, is the mastermind behind this ingenious and gorgeous display that allows you to eat while being a patron to the arts.  He not only designed the space, yet also contributed several pieces of art including the large mural that adorns the main wall which he masterfully painted himself!  Every mural of Alfonso’s is said to house an encrypted message, sign, or secret that is unique to each location.  Dramatically amazing ambiance and food that makes for an experience that will keep you guessing and wanting more!

Carmel Café & Wine Bar
2548 McMullen Booth Road
Clearwater, FL, 33761    


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