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An Easy Way to Make Positive Changes in Your Life


As humans, we all have a basic need for growth. The only way we can grow is making positive changes in our lives, and using that momentum to become who we want to be. Many of us get wrapped up in…


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Bald Mistaken Identity Gone Mad

Being mistaken for a cancer patient is part of the unwanted package that is Alopecia. I get that after 11 years as a bald woman.  I’m accustomed to the stares, assumptions and accompanying comments.  I’ve blogged about it and commiserated with sister Alopecians on the topic.  I’m over it - it’s so last year, as the saying goes - until it happens again.…


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Win FREE Kindle tonight at Zumaya Publications 5 year birthday bash chat party!

Pump Up Your Book is proud to host the authors and publisher of Zumaya Publications at their 5 year birthday bash chat book giveaway! The party will be held on Tuesday, July 26, 2011 starting at 8 p.m. eastern, 7 p.m. central, 6 p.m. mountain and 5 p.m. pacific time) and ending at 11 p.m. (eastern time). Tell your book friends that not only will this give them an opportunity to chat with the authors and editor of Zumaya Publications, but they will be eligible to win lots of…


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The Bridal Timeline For Extending Your Wedding Beauty

The Bridal Timeline For Extending Your Wedding Beauty


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Riding the Mammogram Guideline Roller Coaster

uspstf.jpg Have you made your personal peace with the 2009 U.S. Preventative Services Task Force recommendations that annual breast screening should begin at age 50, rather than the previously recommended age of 40?  Well, not so fast.

Here comes another set of recommendations, this time brought to you by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).  The ACOG is…


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Hair Envy or Not

 baldies1.jpg afro-hair.JPG 802.JPG ireland.JPG

I’ve been bald for 11 years.  During that time, …


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Just Listen to My Hair Loss


listen.jpg I don’t have hair, but at least I have good health.  Trust me, I never lose sight of that.  Afterall, I surrendered my healthy breasts and ovaries in an effort to protect my health.  But I still resent it when others respond to my hair…


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TAKE THE PICTURE! FUNdraising Photo Contest!

Calling all camera bugs! Here’s a chance to showcase your photography online while helping to raise funds for two worthwhile causes in our community!


The Take the Picture! photo contest is a three…


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Tamoxifen, Friend or Foe?

I follow many, many blogs and cancer-related online chat forums. One I saw today really stung. A woman asked if anyone taking Tamoxifen had ever experienced debilitating bilateral posterior leg pain and the inability to walk or sit without intense pain. She mentioned that she had done all the tests, MRIs, x-rays, etc. with no resulting explanation for her pain. She added that her doctor took her off the Tam and her symptoms subsided significantly. Another woman mentioned that issue plus a host… Continue

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Why the Race is going in the Wrong Direction

Much progress has been made in Breast Cancer awareness. However, being aware of cancer neither prevents nor cures cancer. If I told you that I am aware my kitchen window is broken, would you cheer? Would my telling you this fix my window? Would it prevent another ball from coming in the window? No. I think the race for the cure is over. I ask you, who would benefit from finding the cure? Women, not drug companies right? But it is becoming painfully obvious that money is not being spent on a… Continue

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Hypotheses for Natural Cancer Remission

Today I am excited to share a guest blog by Kelly Turner. Kelly is a researcher, lecturer, and consultant in the field of integrative oncology. She assists cancer patients who are interested in integrating complementary medicine approaches with their Western oncology treatment. Her interest in complementary medicine began when she received her B.A. from Harvard University, and it later became the sole focus of her Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley.

Kelly’s dissertation… Continue

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Ovarian Cancer Survival Higher Among BRCA Carriers

brca-risk.jpg Let me start by saying that while I’m a supporter of efforts to raise awareness and cure the cancers that kill women, my first choice is prevention.  So, when I learned that I was indeed a BRCA2 carrier, I didn’t pause long before choosing to undergo both prophylactic mastectomies AND a prophylactic oopherectomy (meaning I had both healthy breasts and healthy ovaries removed). …


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Extend Your Beauty – Expose A More Natural You


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Guard Hope: the stuff that dreams are made of!

Several years ago at a conference discussing how to help others recover from bad things. The conversations were of hope, vision, and faith and risk and joy. And although these are all thoroughly entwined there are some very unique differences that can move you toward success or leave you languishing behind…and hope is where it starts.



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Unexplained Hair Loss? Don't Give Up

hair-ball.jpg I have permanent hair loss, also called Alopecia Universalis.  That doesn’t mean it will never grow back (it has), simply that it will never stop falling out.  Once an Alopecian, always an Alopecian…

alopecia.jpg It took a lot of doctor’s appointments to finally arrive at…


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Music Video Teaches Kids about Taking Care of the Earth

Moms, kids and kindie rock fans unite! Seventh Generation recently raised the curtain on a new summer music promotion with best-selling children’s performers, the Laurie Berkner Band.  The song  “One Seed” expresses the importance of passing down environmental awareness from one generation to the next and was penned specifically for Seventh Generation.


The video for “One Seed” features Laurie and friends singing the…


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Sarasota's Best Salads, Anything but Typical

A salad is a salad is a salad, or is it?  The classic and lackluster 'lettuce, crouton and house italian' combo are a thing of the past.  I've procured, at least in my mind, the best salads which Sarasota has to offer.  The salads that would make a steak and potatoes dish blush.  This tour-de-greens will take you on a ride ranging from ethnic, to savory, to healthy, to sinful indulgences.  In no particular order ladies and gentlemen, our winners are as follows... 


Pho Cali…


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