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Persistent Alopecia Leads to Taxotears

eyes-on-prize.jpg “It’s just hair” and “it will grow back.”  How many times have those statements been offered up to women who will undergo chemotherapy?  Intended or not, they are dodging at best, dismissing at worst a woman’s valid emotions at having to surrender her hair in the name of life.  OF COURSE it’s a small price to pay for survival (who doesn’t know that!?),…


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Reflections On The Promise Of Hair

(The following is a letter from sister Alopecian and fab beaudiva, Therese, posted here with her permission.)

therese.jpg I feel the need to write something.  I have been living on “the other side” for a while now, meaning I have only worn my scarves in the privacy of my home.  Outside I have worn my wig.  And as each day of wearing it has gone by, I have despised the wig more…


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How To Create An Engaging Eye With An Eastern Influence


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Every Bald Masterpiece Needs a Frame

Among the small sample of artwork I own, my favorite pieces are 4 oil paintings created by an artist in Mangochi, Malawi. One of the things I love most about these four paintings is that each one is limited to about 4 shades of one color, with only the addition of black for shadow and depth. Until I find the perfect frames to do my paintings justice, they’re stored carefully out-of-view because all fine art deserves a fine frame.…


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Jim's Small Batch Bakery: Baked Perfection


The mark of a stellar chef is when you notice that his name no longer leave its mark on a restaurant menu. That’s what happened on a visit to Michael’s on East when I noticed James Plocharsky was no longer named as Pastry Chef. After years of enjoying Plocharsky’s desserts, creations that were worth a…


Added by Amy Warren, LMHC / WQ Mag Columnist on June 21, 2011 at 8:00am — 1 Comment

Hair Loss Wisdom

Ever feel like you were losing an abnormal amount of hair?  It’s happened to me twice and I picked up some hair loss wisdom along the way.

hair-loss-causes.jpg The first time was following the birth of my son.  I knew it was a normal part of my body’s post-partum adjustment so paid it little…


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Happy Hour Special: Happy Hair, Happy Nails

Happy hour specials aren’t just for bars. Now you can have your haircut during happy hour on Thursdays and Fridays for half-price! From 4-6pm, Liz at Inspirations Salon will give clients that perfect summer cut. And who hasn’t been thinking about getting a cut during this hot weather? Since the salon provides wine, you can start sipping while you’re having your hair done and then continue the night looking your best. There are only so many seats at the “bar,” so call Inspirations Salon at… Continue

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Healthy and delicious doesn't go with burger joint...or does it?

A picture’s worth a thousand words right?  Then to me that means sharing a picture montage for you might be just a little more effective in this case.  Okay, what am I talking about right?  When I say burger bar and grill, the immediate thought is grease, deliciously sinful meal, grease, salty warm fries, grease, and a about a million calories that will inevitably consumed.  Don’t turn up your nose; you know it’s the truth!  What if I told you I knew of a mystical place that had No hormone…


Added by Lauren M. Kritsas on June 18, 2011 at 10:25am — 1 Comment

Bald On Top But Not Inside


We women  are taught to crave beauty from a very early age.  I still have my childhood doll  - a perfect china-faced beauty with rich blond curly hair, long lovely lashes,  luscious red lips, manicured nails, and a flawless body.  I grew up in the Marilyn Monroe era.  Then, as now, actresses were icons of style, elegance and…


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Fashion Rants Post-50


vogue.jpg “If you’re over 50 and pick up a copy of Vogue magazine, don’t expect to see someone like you peering back from the cover,” writes Stephanie Pappas for a…


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Should teenagers get plastic surgery? Dr. Frederick N. Lukash says yes.

Dr. Frederick N. Lukash, M.D.,FACS, FAAP, has consistently been voted one of “America’s Top Doctors,” by the Castle Connolly guide, and by the Consumer Research Council of America (www.bestdoctors.com). A board-certified cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon in practice in Manhattan and Long Island since 1981, he is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery at the Albert Einstein College of… Continue

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They call it our “crowning glory.” Our hair is the crowning crowning-glory.jpg element of our identity - from our femininity, to age, confidence, and style, we communicate a great deal about ourselves by how we wear and style our hair.  Without hair, we feel stripped of our identity, and in the context of cancer, it often feels like we are systematically being…


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Do Women Make Passes At Men Who Wear Lashes?

Do Women Make Passes At Men Who Wear Lashes?


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1 slider, 2 sliders, 3 sliders, MORE!

I feel like everything is going towards personal and small portion route these days right?  Theres cupcakes instead of full slices of cake, flat breads instead of whole pizzas, tapas bars are all the rage…the list literally goes on and on!  I for one am in total favor!  We’re all guilty of order from the menu, getting a heaping portion, and then loving it so much that we over indulge!  Belly up, bloated and overstuffed, ew.  I’m loving the predetermined plate size that lets you be a little…


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The Beach.  Images of a carefree you, relaxing in the sun, enjoying the sea breeze, splashing in the refreshing oceanic waves.  That’s if you have hair.

rubber.jpg Without hair?  Images of a self-conscious you.  That dreaded struggle to pull a tight rubber cap over a bald head, far too much trouble to take off and recap repeatedly through-out the day or having to secure your cap with a tight…


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How to Create Optimal Health in Your Life So You Can LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!

Below is the link to a wonderful webinar (about 30 mins) that will help you get a really good overview of what it is we are able to target and accomplish in helping people focus on the overall Habits of Health verses just a snapshot in time by "going on a crash diet" of one kind or another.  With Habits of Health & a free personal health coach (Iike me) to guide you the whole way through, will get you to your goals of learning how to put health first in your lives. 




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silver-lining.jpg “Every cloud has a silver lining” is an idiom I’ve often heard but never really associated with any specific experience in my life.  I’ve probably used the expression in an effort to comfort someone else.  The expression has been used repeatedly in response to my story of hair loss and my subsequent creation of the beaubeau scarf. Early-on, I found the…


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Setting Yourself Up to Win!!!

It is easy to get bogged down in the negative messages that we are bombarded with daily. As an entrepreneur – a business owner, those messages can be overwhelming as we face the challenges of navigating in an economic environment that bears little resemblance to our, in hind-sight, relatively safe world of yesterday. So what do you do?


It is crucial that you take responsibility for your own mindset. Here are a few tips to keep discouragement from keeping you from doing the…


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Living with Schizophrenia: A Misunderstood and Stigmatized Illness

“Living with Schizophrenia: A Call for Hope and Recovery” is a half-hour documentary film that tells the story of three people who are living meaningful lives with schizophrenia, a chronic and potentially disabling brain disorder.  Visit  http://www.hopeandrecoveryfilm.com/videos/trailer.swf to view the documentary trailer.  The film sets out to increase understanding and to reduce the fear and stigma often associated…


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Are You Good at Networking?

Networking is just a term for meeting people whom you might like to do business with now or in the future. There are lots of networking events to attend in cities all over the world, not to mention the Networking that goes on in the internet social sites like Facebook. I find it…


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