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matron-swim.jpg Shortly after my prophylactic mastectomies and then my hair loss, my husband’s job was relocated from Philadelphia to Florida.  Moving to a strange state with no hair AND no breasts, not knowing anyone for emotional support, was difficult at best.  Adjusting to the physical changes in my appearance was even harder in such a warm climate, where tank tops,…


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Uptown Girl Goes Downtown for a Burger!

Finding a great burger isn’t exactly the easiest task in the world.  I mean let’s be honest, there’s almost a full business plan that comes into play when trying to satisfy “the craving.”  Melodramatic?  Maybe.  Completely on point for a lady craving savory meet between two buns?  I…


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These Are Not Eyelash Extensions


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“Help!  I’m losing my hair rapidly - all is gone except a two inch patch right tin the middle of my head. I’ve been diagnosed with Alopecia and I’m completely clueless. This is so sudden for me - any help will be greatly appreciated.”

Women often write or call about their hair loss but this particular email sent me back eleven “follicle” years. …


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thinning-hair.jpg Never tell a woman who is losing her hair “It will grow back.”  I write it all the time.  If in fact a woman is losing her hair, she is most certainly living in the here-and-now of it, so telling her it will grow back is just avoiding the emotions she has here and now - NOT helpful.

It DID grow back (past tense, both times).  In my case, it…


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Do you ever contemplate the amount of time you spend doing mundane things in your life? Did you know that the average 69-yr-old American will have spent 120 full days waiting at red lights (8 minutes per day, 6x per week, 52 weeks/yr for 69 years = 41.6 hours per year).   Some of us spend an estimated year of our life just looking for…


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How To Keep Your Eyelash Extensions From Going Astray


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How To Keep Your Eyelash Extensions From Going Astray


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"True Beauty" PSA's - Do They Help?

inner-beauty.jpg True beauty is found in your heart, not on your head. That’s the message in Hairloss.com’s new video PSA on chemo hair loss.  There are two other videos in the series, one on Trichotillomania and another on…


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Empowerment is the Key to a Successful Journey

The following is a blog post I wrote for the Emerald Heart Cancer Foundation:


“You have cancer” Three of the most dreaded words you can hear from your doctor. Your world has changed and you feel a loss of control. A moment ago you were a student, parent, wife, maybe even a doctor. Now, suddenly, you are a patient. In the ensuing panic, disbelief, fear, and confusion you have to make decisions. But you don’t feel like a patient. Maybe accepting the role of patient is unsettling… Continue

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A Window from Heart to Heart

I’d like to share a special guest post to my blog by Sue Memhard, founder of the Emerald Heart Cancer Foundation. The Emerald Heart Cancer Foundation supports women in holistic/integrative cancer care. Many cancer patients either choose not to receive conventional treatments or have been told there is nothing we can do for you, get your affairs in order. The EHCF needs your support to help cancer patients pay for Alternative Cancer Treatment. Alternative treatments are rarely covered by… Continue

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The Bald View From Above

You know for a fact you’ve gained 15 lbs this year, but according to your friends, they don’t see your wardrobe tightening around you (yeah right!).  Or your hair is thinning to the point you see your scalp gleaming through in the mirror.  Maybe you have bald spots so large or so numerous that you can feel the sun and wind… Continue

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Holy Featherheads!

When it comes to hair, plain and simple, it’s easy, nay expected, for women to become bored.  Should I go for a summer bob?  Why is it taking sooo long for my locks to grow out?  Highlights, lowlights, or dye-job?  These are just a few of the many melodramas that plague the everyday woman in need…


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Mothers Day 2011 has come and gone.  Mother’s Day calendars are traditionally filled with breast cancer awareness and advocacy events  and has always been a day on which I join my sisters and other women in running for a breast cancer free future.  This year I spent my day dining in town with Mom.  I learned that Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the…


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Tips for Rising Above Chemo Hair Loss

 chemo-hair-loss.jpg If you’ve ever been there, then you know IT’S NOT JUST HAIR!  Hair loss is often one of the most difficult and feared side effects of chemotherapy.  The first question a woman often has upon learning she will need to undergo chemotherapy is “Will I lose my hair?”

When I have to get…


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3 Ways To Give Mom A Youthful Update For Mother’s Day

Posted on April 26, 2011 by Xtreme Lashes

Moms work hard, have a lot of stress and often sleep little.

All these things can leave mom looking and feeling older than she is.

Here are a few tips from Xtreme Lashes to give your mom a sip from the fountain of youth this Mother’s Day:

    * Give her an instant eyelift with a gift certificate for eyelash extensions! Eyelash extensions create the appearance of a brighter, more open and rested eye, for a more… Continue

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“It” is what “It” is...Now WHAT?

Over the last month I have been involved with a number of events whose purpose was to gather data. Questions and discussions were among leaders from across a variety of organizations from formal to informal, and from the business community itself. These were not gripe sessions...although I have heard from enough people like that who complain how our region is not Silicon Valley or not New York or not “wherever.” That is very true and is likely to remain true. However, since we are not any of…


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James Blake Resumes His Comeback with the Sarasota Open

The excitement of the Sarasota Open continued throughout the weekend.  In Saturday’s semi-final match between James Blake (11th seed) and Ryan Sweeting (1st seed), crowds were on the edge of their seats throughout the match that ended with a recurring tie-breaker. In the neck-in-neck match, Blake ousted Sweeting 17/15.


Saturday was also a good day for Alex Bogomolov (USA). Immediately after winning his semi-final match against Dancevic, Bogomolov and…


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No Shower Cap For This Bald Patient!

“Please remove your head scarf for surgery.”  A simple enough request you think.  Not so simple if you are a bald woman.

I was set to have arthriscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus.  After being ushered into the pre-op section of my surgical center, I was told to remove my clothing and put on the lovely hospital gown which was carefully laid out for me. I curiously glanced at the “shower cap,” meant to cover one’s hair, and…


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Working Out in Style!

Want to feel good about yourself?  Want to send your mood soaring?  Physical activity is known to stimulate brain chemicals and leave you feeling  happier and more relaxed than before you worked out.  You’ll also look better and feel better if you exercise regularly which can boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem.  Is hair loss preventing your from lacing  up…


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