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We would like to thank all of the participants who took the time to enter our giveaway...all of the entries were great!!


Below are the 10 Backyard Makeover FINALISTS
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5)Entry With the Most VALID Votes Wins The Backyard Makeover!!!

6)Voting Begins Thursday September 3rd and Voting Ends September 18th at 11:59pm.
Winner Announced September 23,2009.

7)Backyard Makeover Officials reserve the right to add or make adjustment to
any of the rules at any time during the contest voting period should the need arise. Please feel free to check back daily.

WQ|mag Members You Get To Decide Who Wins!!!

#1 Gale

Please HELP!!!! I tried a paver outside the back door.But as you can see after alot of blisters and sweating it really needs to be done by a professional.I have a dog and granddaughters who can not use the back yard together,LOTS of sand.I can not seem to get anything to grow except WEEDS!!!!!! We would like to cook out and have friends over,and use the space we have to relax after a hard day at work.Thank you the Valleys on too Much Sunniland St

#2 Tracey

Hi, my name is Moose and I am a very good boy. I like to play, play, play (and play). This is my back yard. You can see it is dry and I have no grass to play in. I also need a tree or two so i can have some shade and somewhere to "you know what." I hate these sunglasses so shade would really be nice. I overheard my humans saying they need an irrigation system plus a pool for me to swim in. I am a very good swimmer and I can dive, too. Thank you. Woof.

#3 Cathie D. Meyer

An Ode to My Backyard

Just look at these pictures and you will see
Why the backyard prize should go to me!

We have a nice home that really looks great,
But our backyard terrain would frighten a snake!

Raccoons and dogs hide in our grass,
They jump out and scare us whenever we pass!

We'd love to have a pond or a fountain,
Instead of this dirt that looks like a mountain.

My husband's no help, he's allergic to grass,
He'd rather stay in the house and sit on his chair!!!

#4 Heather Patoray

We define “a barren, dirt wasteland.” We’ve NO grass, 3 mismatched fences, with overgrown bushes that serve as yet another fence. We’ve tried planting flowers, but they're dead, so we'll have to return them to Lowes. When our dog steps outside, she needs a bath because she‘s covered in dirt and has been attacked by ants. She’s beginning to contemplate using the indoors as a better place to potty! We’re newlyweds, new homeowners, teachers, and we’ve no cash to transform our yard into a desirable place to spend time together. Mother Nature just called and said we’re a disgrace! (Sniffle)!!!!

#5 Michelle

The listing enticed: "Hansel and Gretel path to charming guest house". Shadows danced seductively from oak canopies. "I must have this house. I won't look at any others!" I was shushed by my Realtor, but too little, too late. It was love at first sight... SUCKER!

Single female with intensive travel schedule harbors delusions of green-thumb grandeur, tendency to wander thru back yard with drink in-hand, overwhelmed and shaking head. Seeks rescue by team of daring professionals to produce desperately needed backyard getaway. No guarantee that "guest house" (aka Airstream) does not contain raccoon family or stray Ringling art students…

#6 Lisa Mirman

We’re a joyous family of five
With passion to help our earth thrive
Our household runs green and clean
But the outside is not so pristine

When we go outside to work and play
The yard is too barren and hot to stay
An outdoor oasis would be great
So we could play, grow and create

We’d be proud to nurture a garden space
With organic elements and art to embrace
And how we would be so very fond
Of a new fish friendly water pond

We’d be honored to welcome ya’ll to takeover
And do a backyard Florida-friendly makeover!!

#7 Tracy O Neill

Ahhh. The Florida life. Baby blue skies, a green, insect free lawn, multi-colored tropical plants, the sound of a trickling waterfall in the background, and a large hammock gently swinging in the breeze under the shade of palm trees. Wait! That’s my neighbors’ yard. I abruptly wake up; covered in dirt and dog drool, after tripping in a hole I thought I just buried poop in. Maybe I slipped on the wet leaves used as a disguise to cover the fact that we have no grass. Help! My yard needs a makeover.

#8 Derek Smith


My life and backyard has never been quite the same since my girlfriend introduced me to ANIMAL RESCUE. Now nicknamed “FOSTER BLOKE”, I’ve had over 150 'death row' dogs come through my home, to be cared for until finding them a permanent loving home.

Between diggers, jumpers and chewers of all sizes and shapes my backyard has turned into a Hillbilly Haven. The love and joy these dogs have given me has been irreplaceable. Please make my foster backyard as 'purty as a speckled pup' and silence the sound of the banjos.

#9 Cindy Fieberts

Why we need a Back Yard Makeover!

Our yard has no grass but kudzu abound
And lots of black dirt and holes all around
The trees are not trimmed and one actually leans
On the porch roof it pushes busting the seams

And of course you won’t find a brick patio
But there is an old deck with a green algae “glow”
There’s a picnic table all cracked and dusty
And a swing with a chain that’s way too rusty

Our dog thinks it’s great she can run and bark
Of course she thinks she lives in Myakka State Park!

#10 Jim

"Loneliness - an ode to poop." Help me! I am alone in a plain and dull backyard with no comfortable surroundings. There is no shade to keep me cool and from crusting nor is there any water to keep me moist. My two friends are Diesel and Donner who sometimes make new friends for me. I would like beautiful Florida Friendly surroundings to make things beautiful. I am located in Lakewood Ranch which is great exposure for all contributing sponsors and I will host a margarita/beer party for all contestants. Please keep me from being lonely. :)

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Jim said:
# 1
#5 Love the Airstream!
NUMBER 5! It has the most potential to be FABULOUS!!!!!!!
#1 I think her grandchildren deserve a safe and fun place to play..
#5!!!!!Good luck
Sort of looks like there's a dog bias here.
I vote #5 too.
#5 needs some HELP!!

Jocelyn Greene said:
I vote #5 too.
# 5 All the way!
#5 Could do all kinds of things with the airstream (BAR!!!!)

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